Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orange County Fair

I'll be going to the OC Fair some time this week for the second time this year. Last time I took my little sister, Elena, to the fair. We spent about $100 the whole day, mostly due to the games. We ended up with a few small prizes, 3 large prizes, and even a living frog. However, I didn't get to taste much of the food, just the lemonade and the funnel cake. This time around I'll be sure to try more food items and spend less on the games.

Speaking of the games, I really want to win one of those huge 4' prizes; you know, the ones where you only have to make a win once and you automatically get the huge prize? Obviously, most games at the carnivals are rigged in some way or the chances of you winning are very low; so either way, the benefit lays with the "carnies", the people operating the games who supposedly know all the tricks to winning. I've done some research to a few games and I learned there are strategies to winning certain games. I'll try to implement these strategies and hopefully leave as a winner!

Hehehe! My little sister and her Pikachu from the fair!

Mmm.. turkey legs!!! 

Battered potatoes with cheesy toppings? I gotta try this!

Click here for the the OC Fair Food guide, which includes a handful of useful food coupons!!!

Click here to visit the OC Fair website for dates, promotions, concerts, and more!


Emma P.