Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Totally Addicted

The title says it all: I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED to bareEscentuals makeup! My very first order of bareEscentuals just came the other week and I have been using all the eye shadows and lip glosses ever since. I'm pretty satisfied with the products, so I have been shopping for more products. I've been looking at Sephora.com and found a whole bunch of SALE items! I just placed 2 separate orders, over $50.00 each order, so I received free shipping and a handful of self-chosen sample items!
In my opinion, it's only worth it to buy products from Sephora.com if you are a VIP/Member. You get access to exclusive products, a rewards card (points added to your card with every purchase and you can redeem for certain samples/products at the 100 point perk or 500 point perk), and birthday gifts! Visit the website/store near you to sign up for membership before you make a purchase!

Here's my previous order:

Here are the things I'm looking forward to getting in the mail:
Crash Course, Original $22, Sale $16 
Bare Escentuals Makeup Train/Bag, Original $35, Sale $20
Adventurous Kit, Original $32, Sale $25

Buxom Betty Kit, Original $42, Sale $30

Sweet Decadence, Original $28, Sale $19


To end, I'll leave you all with a little treat that only insiders get from joining bareEscentuals mailing list:
Thursday, August 26th from 5-9pm 
refreshments, free make-unders, samples
VISIT ONLINE: 20% off  ALL PURCHASES from 5-9pm EDT; use code GLAMMY at checkout.

Enjoy and have fun!


Emma P.


  1. Emma, if you sign up for Ebates you can actually get cash back from some of the purchases you make online, especially if you buy from Sephora!

    This is Mai from CSULB VSA, by the way!

  2. how do you sign up for ebates? I never heard about that.. hmm.. mai from CSULB? I'm trying to remember.. >.< i can't tell from you photos! haha